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Animal Rescue and Shelter Website Designs

Dexter Dog Designs believes in adopting shelter & rescue animals. Not only are all our adoptive pups from shelters and rescues but we also work with several area rescues to bring the joy of a lifelong companion to others.

To continue our assistance, we offer animal shelters, rescues, and related businesses a heavily discounted service. Our Rescue Packages - Jordan, Baxter, and Boomer were created in honor of three of our own rescues.

Petfinder Webpage Makeover

The Jordan package, our most economical, gives the shelter / rescue a custom makeover of their existing web page and an online adoption application that is delivered directly to your email address.

When you want more

The Baxter and Boomer Packages build on the Jordan Package and deliver more content and features at additional cost.

Take a look at the offerings Dexter Dog Designs provides for you, get in touch with us and you will be surprised at just how affordable a custom designed website can be.

The Jordan package might at first glance seem 'small' but just like Jordan, she packs a lot of 'umph' in a small package.

What's the one thing you wished you had on your petfinder website? Probably the same thing potential adopters are looking for...

a quick and easy way to adopt the animals.

How many potential adoptions have you lost simply because you didn't have an online adoption application?

The Baxter package might at first glance seem 'intimidating' but just like Baxter, he packs a lot of 'fun' in a not so small package. To begin with everything in the Jordan package is included, the online application sent directly to your email account and your revamped petfinder main web-page, but why stop there?

The Boomer package is the ultimate in rescue websites. Your rescue can keep your account if desired and our exclusive Jordan package will take care of the petfinder page and tie it into your very own website.

Included with the Boomer package is your very own domain - and your own email service.

Your new or updated website will be a custom design - exclusivly yours. We will work with you to determine which hosting plan is best for your needs and budget.