The Jordan package might at first glance seem 'small' but just like Jordan, she packs a lot of 'umph' in a small package.

What's the one thing you wished you had on your petfinder website? Probably the same thing potential adopters are looking for...

a quick and easy way to adopt the animals.

How many potential adoptions have you lost simply because you didn't have an online adoption application?

Online Application
Once your potential adopters complete the application it is immediately sent to your email account can get your petfinder site set up with your very own custom built online application - based on your present application or you can utilize one of the 'stock' applications. Either way, you will receive your applications directly to your email account. The immediate result being an easier way for potential adopters to adopt your animals. Granted, we can't guarantee that the applicants would meet your criteria but you will have a larger pool to chose from.

The Jordan Package takes your existing petfinder account and 'pretties' it up, you get a total makeover of your petfinder web-page and your custom built online application. If you have a logo we're ready to incorporate that into your 'new' site at no cost. If you don't have a logo, get with us and we'll work one up for your rescue at a reasonable price.

Just the online application alone that is included in the 'Jordan' package is by far a great value for the limited funds available for most rescues. But with the Jordan package you'll also receive a 'makeover' of your rescue's main page hosted on petfinder. If your rescue desires, for a small monthly fee will take care of sprucing up your rescue's petfinder bios.Starting at $150.00

You'll still have to do the fostering though.

The Jordan Package includes:

  • Update of your existing petfinder account page * (required)
  • Online adoption application
    (sent directly to your email account)
  • Paypal Donation Link *
  • featured Pet Module
  • No monthly fee

The 'Jordan' package is value priced
starting at $ 150.00.

Other packages available include Baxter and Boomer.