Web Hosting

When you use Dexter Dog Designs’ shared hosting services, you’ll get full service POP3 & Webmail email accounts, MySQL databases, email forwarders, FTP accounts and more. As part of your shared hosting account, you’ll have access to software that allows you to quickly and easily add features like message boards and news scripts; in fact, you could set up a full Internet store in a matter of minutes.

Not only that, but if you ever encounter something that requires technical support, we’re here for you. If your priorities for a shared hosting plan include maximizing your time and maintaining full control over your website, then Dexter Dog Designs makes it easy to achieve your goals.

SSD Disk

Our shared hosting uses only raided SSD disks which are at least 15 times faster than its mechanical counter-part, giving you and your website visitors the fastest possible response times even in the most demanding scenarios.


We use only enterprise class server hardware, no desktop rigs here! Our entire shared hosting environment uses the latest generation Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors and fully solid-state-drive (SSD) driven storage in raid 10 arrays.

Daily Backups

Automated daily backups ensure that your data is safe against calamity. Your website and information are safely stored and can be retrieved whenever they are needed.