Web Design

Unique Website Designs

Dexter Dog Designs builds custom web designs. Rather than giving the customer a choice of a hand-full of template designs we create a unique design so your website stands out from all others. Your design will never be re-sold to anyone - the design will remain yours alone.

A Great Team

We believe in our work! We love what we do and it shows in every web design creations that we put our name on. Let us do what we do best to help you do what you do best. We can't bake cupcakes or rebuild transmissions but we do build awesome websites! Give us a call, between the two of us - we make a great team.

Content Management Systems

While we specialize in Joomla® Websites we offer custom designs for several popular CMS platforms. Each offer you the ability to maintain your own website if desired. All of these are all highly configurable and allow for truly unique website experiences.

Dexter Dog Designs will be happy to work with you and discuss your personal needs to help determine the correct platform for your website.

Online Website Price Estimate

a quick way to get a ball-park price

Use this interactive website design price calculator to select options for your website.
The calculator will update the estimated cost for designing / developing your website in real time.

Remember the costs are a rough estimate and are intended to give you a general idea of the cost of your website. The actual quote you receive may be higher or lower.

Responsive Webdesign

and why you should care

Responsive website design gives your website the ability to mold itself to all the various devices that are available. By utilizing modern standards we are able to create effective and yet beautiful website creations that are effective in all screen sizes.

Our website designs are custom developed and may well include items not listed.

Please contact us to determine the best online solution for your needs.

Every business or organization can use a professionally designed website. In reality though some simply can not afford the expense for one reason or the other. Dexter Dog Designs has offered the animal rescue and shelter groups an opportunity to have a web presence at a heavily discounted rate since the very first day. We are offering to expand that program to help our ability to work with organizations that do not have funding for the site they need.